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Castle Chafer Electrical Unit

Castle Chafer Buffet Trolley

Castle Chafer Deluxe trolley for Castle Chafer 80 mm gastropans

Castle Chafer Standard trolley to accept most standard 65 mm gastropans

Castle Chafer Buffet Trolley

Castle Chafer Conversion Kit

The Castle Chafer Conversion Kit replaces the water bath of your current water chafer with the patented waterless Castle Chafer system.

Integrate our conversion kit into your current chafing dishes and get better savings, higher quality food and safer serving conditions.
Castle Chafer Conversion Kit
  • Users benefit from a minimum 35% savings in running costs.
  • Food is held hotter at 75-85°C and our 110 gram gas cartridge has a run time of 5 hours.
  • Built in safety systems initiate a shut down in the case of a unit being overturned or overheating.
  • The flame will not extinguish in wind gusts and will only do so if knocked over or with sudden uncontrolled movements.
  • The insulated pan allows the pan to be handled at any time; even after running for 5 hours.
  • With no water the Castle Chafer system is quicker and easier to set up there is no carrying of water (especially boiling water) to and from chafing dishes for service.

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Castle Chafer with Insert
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