About Us

CBL-Equipment (Catalytic Burners Ltd) was founded by Jim Kearney, a Carlow based Industrial Catalytic Chemist with over 20 years expertise in butane gas burners and platinum catalyst technology.

Jim spent many years travelling for work and was often disappointed with the food he had for breakfast in many hotels. When he was looking for a new challenge he decided to set about improving breakfast service. Jim concluded that hospitality businesses source and prepare their food to the best of their ability, so it must be the technology that needs improvement.

His focus quickly settled on the use of water and heat loss as the twin targets of his research. To this end he spent the last number of years designing, developing and perfecting the Castle Chafer, which has a number of superior features and benefits.  He has achieved his target of high performance in buffet service while removing water and heat loss from buffet service.

He has gathered a strong committed team around to help him bring this project to fruition firstly in Ireland.

Please contact us with any questions/queries you may have about Castle Chafer