Why should I buy the Castle Chafer rather than a standard chafing dish?

Castle Chafer is better at keeping your food, whether served wet or dry, at its best because we achieve consistently higher temperatures than traditional chafing dishes. Time and time again our customers tell us that their food is served exactly how they want it and our dish performs better for longer than existing chafing dishes. Sausages are moist and plump not dried and sweaty, bacon is served as if it just came off the pan and scrambled eggs are as fluffy for the customer as when they were placed in the pan at the start of service. Chilli’s, curries, fish dishes, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes all taste better from a Castle Chafer. Please see our Testimonials page.

There are many other benefits of the Castle Chafer but performance is always the first reason to buy.

Where Can I Buy?

Click here for a list of Castle Chafer distributors 

At the start of service what do I do?

You can view a set up instruction video here https://castlechafer.com/instruction/

Can I manage the temperature for different types of food?

Overall it is important to remember that the Castle Chafer can easily be turned up or turned down with a twist of the dial provided. The settings to suit your menu and surroundings will become very familiar to you very quickly. As a good starting point see the guide below:

  • Wet food such as chilli, bolognaise, curry, stew should be kept at a medium to low setting.
  • Dry food such as sausages, rashers, roast meats should be kept at a medium to high setting.
  • In breakfast service your meat section such as for a traditional breakfast – bacon, sausages, etc should be kept at a high setting.  Eggs whether fried, poached or scrambled require a low setting which will keep them at their best.

At the end of service what do I do?

Turn off the Castle Burner by turning the dial at the end and make sure that the flame is off. Remove the gastropans / chafing dish and follow your company’s end of service routine. Remove the Castle Burner from the Castle Chafer frame, remember the burner part will be hot, and disconnect the Castle Burner from the gas and store according to your company’s routine. Gas should always be stored according to the guidelines on the canister.

How do I clean the Castle Chafer?

The Chafing dish is made of stainless steel and is best cleaned by simply wiping with a damp cloth. The Castle Chafer frame and lid can be cleaned and polished with warm water and soap. Be sure to rinse fully after service.

How do I remove the lid for cleaning?

First close the lid over completely. Squeeze the sides of the lid just above the hinge on the sides and lift off. When putting the lid back on make sure that the hinge is aligned correctly. In the hinge there should be a slot facing up towards you for the lid to slide into and the other slot should be at a ninety-degree angle facing the back of the chafer.  As the lid slides in make sure that both sides are securely fitted and check the fitting by opening and closing the lid to its full extent.

Can I cook with the chafing dishes?

The Castle Chafer is designed for keeping food at serving temperature, hot or cold, so we advise cooking in dedicated gastropans and then placing them in the Castle Chafer.

Can I use any gas with it?

The Castle Chafer is CE certified for use with the gas supplied. Any other gas may not perform properly and may invalidate your warranty and CE certification. Castle Chafer gas is also supplied by your distributor see above.

Efficient, safe chafing dish for the food service industry