• High Performance

    Castle Chafer keeping food at a hotter temperature for buffet service

Castle Chafer holds your Buffet 15 – 20°C hotter than standard chafing dishes in breakfast service, BBQ’s and buffet service with wet and dry foods. It maintains your food at the perfect temperature to ensure that your customer is served your food exactly how you prepared it. Castle Chafer holds 50% more food than traditional chafers, so it doesn’t need to be refilled as often.

  • Fuel efficient


The Castle Chafer is fully insulated reducing its running cost to 75% less than a traditional chafing dish. ie. less than €0.25c/£0.20 per hour 

See our Cost in Use Comparison and see how much you can save.

A traditional chafing dish needs 16 gels and 2.5 litres of water for 16 hours running time whereas the Castle Chafer operates on one gas canister and no water.

  • Energy efficient

Infrared image of Trad Chafer vs Castle Chafer
Heat Loss – Image of a Traditional Chafing Dish and the Castle Chafer

This image shows the traditional chafer on the left losing heat from the dish. While the Castle Chafer on the right shows the heat staying exactly where it is needed, in your food pan.

Castle Chafer has been independently tested by Carlow Institute of Technology and proven to be 75% more efficient than traditional chafing dishes.

Castle Chafer uses gas so there is no waste.

Report into The Efficiencies of Castle Burner by Carlow Institute of Technology.

  • Time efficient

Castle Chafer does not require water therefore no time is consumed in boiling water on set up.

Castle Chafer is ready for service 10 minutes after lighting.

Outdoors or indoors there is no requirement to set up Castle Chafer on a level surface – instant set-up and instant shut down.

Castle Chafer is easily relocated during service – just turn off the gas – no water to spill in transit. 


  • Safety

Castle Chafer has been fully tested and the entire system is CE Certified for sale in all European countries.

The Castle Chafer heat source is locked into place so the flame is not easily knocked over or extinguished during service which is an increasing concern in the food sector.

Fondue and related food services have been involved in a number of fire incidents where the fuel source has been knocked over or the oil used has spilled. Because the Castle Chafer’s burner is locked in place and does not use oil your customers are much safer with Castle Chafer. 

Castle Chafer is fully insulated which dramatically reduces the temperature at the sides of the dish for safer handling during and at the end of service.  Castle Chafer’s insulation of the food pan means that when the gas runs out food temperature will be maintained for up to 30 minutes allowing for greater food safety when changing canisters in service.

Risk assesment operation PDF

Heat Source locked in place -safety
Heat source locked in place and adjustable
  • Control

Castle Chafer allows you to easily control the heat output as desired to adjust for different food types and our unique catalyst means that it cannot be extinguished by accident or by wind. Remember to control the heat to maximize savings 

  • Odourless

There is no odour from Castle gas. Therefore Castle Chafer does not interfere with food service 

  • Environmental

Unconsumed gas can be used on the next service (Zero Waste)

There are no disposable requirements for left over fuel. Due to greater efficiency CO2 emissions are reduced by 84%.