Just recently we at Castle Chafer have been wondering exactly why you as customers should buy our product…. Not just, as we all know, that it is the most efficient way to keep food hot or indeed cold out there but decided to have a look at the great big world of the internet.

While out there we looked at many of the big travel review sites and saw that on many occasions customers loved where they stayed, the staff and the food on offer. What we did find was a number of times that customers complained that their food was over-cooked, cold when meant to be hot and warm when meant to be cold especially in buffet style settings.

We looked at hotels on some well-known travel advisor sites, after all tis the time for holidays and faraway dreams, and saw that this even resulted in some tips on how to get the best service so as to avoid disappointment.

This advice while good, clear and very helpful struck us as a whole lot of palaver that could be avoided and best service could be guaranteed for all by just using Castle Chafers.  Just a thought for our customers as they wait to welcome their customers this season……

Now while we are not talking about cruises this guide to buffet service struck us as a lot of rules and guidelines to overcome a problem that doesn’t exist with the Castle Chafer.