Food on the Edge – Clean Dining

Now Food on the Edge is on the way in Galway, 24th &25th October, and the relationship between the food industry, the planet and customers is being discussed.

We at Castle Chafer decided to see what we can bring to the Clean Dining table, ahem. For many Clean Dining is solely about using and cooking ingredients in a healthy manner. Clean Dining is also ensuring that not only growing and cooking of food is “clean” but all parts of food service is as low impact or “clean” as possible.

Many top chefs are using imaginative ways to achieve this clean taste and cooking of food with local-sourcing, seasonal produce and utilizing little known local herbs and vegetables. From Noma of Copenhagen or L’enclume in Cumbria or indeed Aniar of Galway City where Food on the Edge is held, Clean Dining is on the rise.

Efficient, safe chafing dish for the food service industry
Castle Chafer

Traditional chafing dishes and bain-maries use water, excess energy and often lead to food waste due to food not being hot enough. The Castle Chafer is waterless, carbon emissions are reduced by 75% and food waste is reduced.

From our reusable burners, using 1 gas canister to 16 gel fuels and high insulation levels we reduce production waste and promote cleaner processes in catering from kitchen to table. We are happy to be innovators in Clean Dining at Castle Chafer and are committed to sustainability in food.